10-Week Transformative Healing Journey w/ 3-Day Retreat

Our 10-week program is so much more than just a “psilocybin experience…”

it is a comprehensive journey towards lasting personal change- combining trusted ancient practices, modern science, and with an understanding of how habits form and change, set in a nurturing environment designed to help you reconnect with yourself and integrate meaningful changes into your daily life.

Structured around preparation and integration phases…

it ensures a deep and meaningful engagement with the material and practices. Starting with a 5-week preparatory phase that sets the foundation for your journey, you then move into a transformative 3-day retreat weekend, followed by a 4-week integration phase designed to weave your new insights seamlessly into your daily life. Set in a nurturing environment, our program is crafted to help you reconnect with your inner self and facilitate the integration of significant, lasting changes.

The 3-Day Retreat

The Retreat Weekend offers an all-inclusive psilocybin ceremony in the heart of Oregon’s wilderness, spanning over 100 pristine acres. Led by experienced guides, this immersive experience includes private chef-prepared meals and a variety of sleeping accommodations, from private to shared, ensuring comfort amidst the beauty of nature. This weekend is designed to deepen connections, guided by expert care and set against a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes.


Extensive Support
  • 1:1 private preparation session
  • 4-weeks of guided online group preparation journey
  • 4-weeks of guided online group Integration support 

All meals provided

  • Healthy curated menu by our Personal Chef


  • Small groups for intimate experience

The Retreat Space

Immersed in over 100 acres of pristine nature near Corvallis OR, the retreat space has been curated to serve as a safe, beautiful environment. Featuring a large ceremony space with fireplace, multiple bedrooms and sleeping areas, and a lounge area. All activited for the weekend are on-site.

Healing Journey TImeline

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Engage in a 1-hour private session with your Ceremonial Guide to personalize your journey

Week 1: Pre-program Preparation

Participate in weekly 2-hour group sessions led by your Ceremonial Guide, designed for deep preparatory work

Allocate 1-2 hours weekly for self-directed activities, including assignments, assessments, and readings, to enhance your readiness

Weeks 2-5: Preparation Phase

Transformative retreat weekend tailored to foster profound personal growth,  healing and connection

Week 6: 3-Day Group Retreat Weekend

Weekly 2-hour sessions focused on meaningful reflection and integration. Translate your experience into actionable insights the the support of your ceremonial guide

Weeks 7-10: Integration Phase

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ‘’plant medicines’’ are used during the ceremonies?

For this program, we work mainly with Psilocybin but also utilize other sacred “plant medicines” (such as Sananga, Mimosa and hapé) when applicable.

How much experience does the guide James have in leading these types of programs?

James’ depth of experience in leading transformative “plant medicine” journeys is underpinned by a rich academic and practical background. He possesses a Master’s degree in psychology, is a certified coach and has spent over a decade working with individuals to achieve their goals. Over five years, James has guided thousands of individuals through their personal journeys, encompassing 17 group ceremonies, numerous individual sessions, and over 25 large group ceremonies with 30 to 50+ participants.

As a master sound healer, he has dedicated three years to conducting hundreds of soundbath sessions. Furthermore, James’ shamanic healing practice is deeply informed by years of study under the guidance of a shaman from the Michael Harner lineage, reflecting a direct connection to revered shamanic traditions. With over seven years of practice in shamanic healing, James exhibits an expert ability to manage and navigate through the most intense experiences. His unique strength lies in his capacity to hold space, remaining unphased by any challenges, ensuring a supportive and transformative experience for all participants.

What kind of preparation is involved in the 5-week phase before the retreat?

At the end of the 5 weeks, after 9 hours of guided support, you will have a ceremony preparation plan, 5 weeks under your belt of practicing your tailored self care routine, and will have a refined intention for the retreat weekend. Importantly, you will have the unique experience of having built personal connections with your ceremonial guide and other program participants as you come together on this profound journey.

What happens during a typical day at the 2-night retreat?

You will arrive on Friday and settle into your space for the evening.  Ceremony will begin  in the evening.   as we open ceremony, we focus on  creating the space for the evening and getting everybody feeling grounded and ready for the night ahead.  Ceremony often includes partnering with other plant allies such as sananga or hapé.

What kind of integration practices are involved in the 4-week phase after the retreat?

In the weeks after the retreat weekend,  we will focus on implementing your integration action plan.  these sessions will be an opportunity for you to share and process  your experience with yourself and with the group and your guide,  and have accountability with each other to help us ensure we are  integrating effectively.

Is there specific dietary or physical preparation required beforehand?

There are some important preparations for retreat weekend.  The beauty of the five-week preparation process is that you will not only know how to prepare the week before but also have been preparing for a month already. Specifically,  We suggest that you focus on eating a clean organic diet free from processed foods two weeks before Retreat weekend and staying hydrated with water and electrolyte supplementation.

What are accommodations like during the 2-night retreat?

We have various accommodation options from communal arrangement, shared rooms  and private rooms.

What results can I expect from completing this full program?

This program is a catalyst for change.  Completing this program means that you’ve achieved a significant courageous goal,  committing yourself to the  intense work required to truly benefit from your relationship with “plant medicines.” At the end of this program you will have fully implemented a habitual self-care routine tailored to your specific needs.  not only from a practice perspective but from a scientific perspective you’ve created new neural pathways  and have crossed the threshold of the 66 days it’s required to turn a conscious action into an unconscious one.  you will have new friends and connections,  bonded by an experience few have had the pleasure of being part of.  you will heal,  you will grow, you will develop your sense of being and the world around you.  all of these things are available to you and we’ve created this program so that the only thing you have to do is show up and do the work in front of you. You will get as much as you put in and the possibilities are endless.


“Because of the Temple, I was able to break my addiction and return to a normal life. PSILO Temple truly saved my life! ”  Jason R

“Since that ceremony almost 12 months ago, I haven’t touched any alcohol or drugs. No doctor or therapist could have done for me what James and PSILO Temple did for me overnight.” – Rachel S

“My life has drastically changed since attending PSILO Temple meetings and ceremonies.” – MS

PSILO Temple’s nurturing setting empowered my self-healing and personal transformation, leading to addiction recovery, an improved living situation, and a positive influence on those around me. Deeply grateful, I credit my growth to this supportive community. –Terry L

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