PSILO Temple

Greetings from PSILO Temple!

First and foremost, much gratitude to all our community members, friends, and allies that have helped build PsiloTemple into what it is today. Your continued support is the lifeblood of all that we do. Thank you.

As summer rolls into full swing, new and wondrous things are taking shape.  In preparation for upcoming growth and to better serve our members and our greater community,  we are excited to announce the beginning of our Temple Fundraiser.

With your support, we’re poised to elevate PsiloTemple. Our plans include expanding our ceremony offerings, enhancing member experiences to foster personal transformation, increasing engagement opportunities, and deepening our level of community care. We invite you to join us in turning this vision into reality.

There are a myriad of ways in which support might be shown. In this period of growth, monetary contributions are the most versatile and useful. We ask that if you are financially able, to consider making a donation. If you are not able to contribute financially your time, energy, connections and goodwill are most assuredly valuable as well. 

In addition to monetary contributions, we are also seeking in-kind donations of useful and durable goods:

  • Instruments
  • Sound/AV equipment
  • Lighting
  • Clean or New Mattresses/Carpets
  • Used Vehicles/Trailers
  • Shade Structures
  • Camping/Outdoor Gear for Remote Ceremonies


Ready to Help Elevate PsiloTemple?


Regular ceremony retreats and events  in alignment with the solar and lunar calendars; celebrating the transition intoeach new season and celebrating and harnessing the energy of the full or new moon.  

Additional special events and intentional ceremonies, and more beautiful and accommodating locations. 


Personalized educational and development opportunities designed to help members deepen an inclusive spiritual practice that benefits each individual life path.

Education for the public communities to promote knowledge and support harm reduction efforts.

Developing and organizing online and in-person educational opportunities on topics like Meditation, Breathwork, Microdosing, Integration, Sound Healing, and OtherHealing techniques to enhance our members’ spiritual and self-care practices


Scholarship opportunities for memberships, and group and private ceremonies for those who are in need of support.

Safe and professional cultivation, preparation, storage and dissemination of Sacrament at little or no cost to our community.

It is our core belief that our primary sacrament, Psilocybin mushrooms, are a gift from the earth. Your generosity enables us to provide access to this profound sacred medicine in the same spirit that the earth provides it. 


Acquisition, maintenance and storage of Sound Healing instruments and infrastructure. 

The ability to host more sound healing experiences including integrative sound beds and quality, more diverse instruments and techniques.


Create a space for our members to call home. A full time temple where members can find community, support and a safe space to explore their spiritual path.

Ready to Help Elevate PsiloTemple?