Private 1:1 Ceremony

We have thoughtfully structured our private sessions to serve as a tranquil canvas, allowing you to immerse fully in your personal journey. This individualized experience guided by a team consisting of a ceremonial leader and an apprentice, is at the heart of what we offer, providing you with a space to explore and reflect both before with your preparation session and after with your two follow-up integration sessions


Immerse yourself in the healing cadence of our soundbaths—a meditative and transformative journey resonating with the harmonies of life. Feel the powerful vibrations of crystal bowls, each tuned to correspond with individual chakras. Experience the subtle shift as blockages dissolve, leaving you feeling unburdened, serene, and luminous.

Mindful Integration 1:1 Coaching Support

The psychedelic voyage often opens the door to profound insights and transformative experiences. However, truly absorbing and applying these experiences - a process known as integration - is just as crucial as the journey itself. To make the most out of your expedition into the psyche, we provide numerous group support environments, creating a nurturing and empowering space for you.

Shamanic Healing with Sound Bath

The practice of shamanic journeying stands as a testament to our ancient wisdom and is among the most impactful work we facilitate. Employing time-honored shamanic techniques, we stand beside you as guides on your healing voyage, offering empowering practices such as spirit animal retrieval, soul retrieval, and extraction.

House/Space Clearing

Whether transitioning into a new environment, bidding farewell to an old one, or seeking to release stagnant energy or lingering traumas, our space clearing ceremony serves as a powerful catalyst for rejuvenation. We meticulously purge your space of any entrenched energies or residual traumas, paving the way for a harmonious and vibrant ambiance.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Armed with a decade's worth of leadership and performance coaching experience across organizational hierarchies, coupled with over seven years immersed in spiritual and healing practices, we are uniquely equipped to guide you on your leadership path.

Retreat Weekend

Our weekend retreat is a nurturing haven dedicated to introspection, integration, education, and profound sacrament journeys. As you embark on this retreat, prepare to heal, delve into the depths of your psyche and soul, feel the unifying energy of the universe, and forge a sense of community.

Sliding Scale Pricing

We believe in fairness, accessibility, and inclusivity which is why we have implemented a pricing system that adjusts according to individual income levels. Our intention is to ensure that our services are within everyone’s reach, regardless of their financial circumstances.

By setting prices proportionate to your earnings, we strive to prevent our services from becoming a financial burden while ensuring that they are accessible to anyone who requires them. This practice not only encourages a diverse range of economic backgrounds among our customers but also aligns with our fundamental values of equity and social fairness. Regardless of your contribution level, your support allows us to consistently deliver and enhance our services. We appreciate your understanding and participation in this system.