Yearly Membership

$528 - 2,486 / year

Opting for an annual membership rather than a monthly one enables the temple to save money through reduced credit card processing fees.



  • For those who believe in the vision and want to be part of our mission. We Welcome You.


  • I value my healing journey and spiritual growth and will contribute towards the cost of daily activities and offerings.


  • I support at this level to maintain services and help foster spiritual growth for myself and my fellow members


  • I want to see my entire healing community grow and flourish. My ability to support at this level is pivotal to that goal.


  • I want to support and nourish our healing community. My contribution will help expand and deepen offerings for all.


  • I support every aspect of my community and share the vision of equitable healing and spiritual growth for all.

To cultivate spiritual growth, personal transformation, and community by providing education and a compassionate environment for individuals to experience the transformative power of psychedelic medicines and shamanic practices. We honor ancient healing traditions from around the world and believe in the ability of these practices to expand hearts and minds, nurture inner peace, and enhance our capacity to love ourselves and one another. 

Please note there is a $44 one-time setup fee in addition to your first month subscription. 

What's Included in Membership

Dried chopped amanita on parchment and scissors on a wooden table. Microdosing

Protection and Guidance

Status as a registered member of a protected Visionary Sacrament Temple

Access to all of our Temple Services and support meetings


photo of Amanita muscaria

New member onboarding

Once you join, you will be scheduled for an Temple Member orientation, where we will share all of the details around the benefits and what it means to be a member and train you on our practices, including how to responsibly use visionary sacraments.

sound bath ceremony


Weekly events,  PSILOsoundbaths, weekly integration groups (in-person and online), adiction support,  guided breathwork, grow your own workshops, microdosing certification and more!

Special member pricing on ceremonies, retreats, conferences, private coaching and other services offered

integration session

Integration Support

2 Weekly Integration meetings where members can share their experiences, discuss topics, ask/answer questions, learn integration practices and at times engage with the medicine (in-person and online).

Weekly addiction and psychedelics support meeting (online)

1:1 and group coaching available (special member pricing)



Come be a part of this amazing community of psychonauts, psychedelic explorers, spiritual practitioners, open minded, empathic and caring individuals.


Educational Opportunities

We will be rolling out trainings, including microdose certification, integration, apprenticeship opportunities, grow your own workshops, and more!

Membershipship Perks

Welcome sign

NEW MEMBER Onboarding

This process includes an introduction to the temple, what it means to be a member, training and certification on the intentional use of psilocybin as a sacrament, along with a new member welcome kit

membership certificate

MEMBERSHIP card (coming soon!)

States that you are an active member of an established religious organization protected under the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act of 1993 (digital copy)

Membership Guide

MEMBERSHIP GUIDE (coming soon!)

Describes our thoughts, philosophies, intentions and practices that define who we are. Including, the intentional use of psilocybin and other sacred medicines as a sacrament (Other topics include microdosing, meditation, self-care, sleep and a daily schedule for instilling integration practices)

Sound Bath


Access to member only events and discounts on ceremonies, retreats, coaching, conferences and merchandise

  • Regular Temple Services (PSILOsounbaths)

  • Weekly integration meeting (in-person)

  • Weekly guided breathwork and sound sessio

  • Online Member meetingsWeekly integration meeting (online)

  • Weekly Sobriety and addiction support meeting (online)

  • Regularly occuring Soundbaths and events

  • Member pricing on retreats and programs


TRAINING (coming Summer 2024)

We will have trainings rolling out throughout the year including:

  • Ordained Sacrament Member (Included in sign-up fee)

  • Ceremonial apprentice training (become certified to assist in ceremony)

  • Ceremonial Leader training (become certified to administer sacrament in the ceremony context)

  • Sound healer training (learn how to become a sound healing practitioner)

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