House/Space Clearing

  • Whether transitioning into a new environment, bidding farewell to an old one, or seeking to release stagnant energy or lingering traumas, our space clearing ceremony serves as a powerful catalyst for rejuvenation. We meticulously purge your space of any entrenched energies or residual traumas, paving the way for a harmonious and vibrant ambiance.
  • Our ceremonial process combines the resonant healing power of sound, the purifying essence of sacred plants, and focused, intentional energy clearing. These intertwine to form a potent force that sweeps away the unseen cobwebs, leaving your space energetically vibrant and inviting.
  • Embrace the transformation as your space breathes anew, inviting in peace, positivity, and a harmonious balance. Experience the profound effects of our space clearing ceremony and open the door to a refreshed and revitalized environment.
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Understanding Sliding Scale Pricing

We believe in fairness, accessibility, and inclusivity which is why we have implemented a pricing system that adjusts according to individual income levels. Our intention is to ensure that our services are within everyone’s reach, regardless of their financial circumstances.

By setting prices proportionate to your earnings, we strive to prevent our services from becoming a financial burden while ensuring that they are accessible to anyone who requires them. This practice not only encourages a diverse range of economic backgrounds among our customers but also aligns with our fundamental values of equity and social fairness. Regardless of your contribution level, your support allows us to consistently deliver and enhance our services. We appreciate your understanding and participation in this system.