Immersive Retreat Weekend

Join us in our sacred ceremony, a meeting place between the human spirit and our sacrament. Our weekend retreat is a nurturing haven dedicated to introspection, integration, education, and profound sacrament journeys. As you embark on this retreat, prepare to heal, delve into the depths of your psyche and soul, feel the unifying energy of the universe, and forge a sense of community.

You’ll emerge from this transformative weekend spiritually refreshed, armed with fresh perspectives and feelings, and equipped with integration practices to seamlessly weave into your daily life.

This retreat isn’t simply a temporary escape—it’s a journey towards healing, spiritual growth, and community bonding. Expect to walk away from this enriching weekend with a renewed understanding of self-care, a toolkit to enhance your life, and practices to maintain emotional and physical well-being.

Our retreat is punctuated with a Saturday psilocybin ceremony—an immersive experience bolstered by careful preparation and integration practices designed to amplify your healing journey. We commence our journey on Friday evening with a calming sound bath and guided breathwork. As the sun rises on Saturday, we partake in a hapè and Sananga ceremony, an ancient ritual designed to ground and cleanse our spirits.


Throughout Saturday, we offer a range of enriching sessions such as Shamanic breathwork, Yoga, meditation, and sound baths, interspersed with moments of tranquility for rest before the evening ceremony. With each activity, we aim to deepen your connection to yourself and the universe, setting the stage for a transformative evening ceremony. Join us and experience the healing power of ancient rituals, introspection, and community.

  • Personal Work: Experience profound sacrament journeys, designed to foster self-reflection and healing, allowing you to explore the depths of your mind and soul.
  • Universal Connection: Attune yourself to the unifying energy of the universe, and cultivate a deeper understanding of your place within it.
  • Community Building: Forge lasting bonds as you navigate this transformative journey alongside others, building a supportive community grounded in shared experience.
  • Spiritual Cleansing: Emerge from the retreat spiritually refreshed, carrying new perspectives and emotions that reflect your growth over the weekend.
  • Integration Practices: Equip yourself with practical strategies for incorporating the insights and lessons from your retreat into your everyday life.
  • Healing and Growth: Dive into a journey that centers around healing, spiritual growth, and community, leaving you enriched with tools to enhance your life and self-care practices.
  • Psilocybin Ceremony: Participate in a Saturday psilocybin ceremony, prepared with learning integration practices to maximize your healing experience.
  • Sound Bath & Breathwork: Kick off your retreat with a calming Friday evening sound bath and guided breathwork session.
  • Hapè and Sananga Ceremony: Start your Saturday with a grounding and cleansing hapè and Sananga ceremony.
  • Wellness Sessions: Engage in various sessions throughout Saturday, including Shamanic breathwork, Yoga, meditation, and sound baths.
  • Rest & Reflection: Enjoy designated quiet periods for rest and introspection before the transformative evening ceremony.

Our weekend retreat is not just a brief escape—it’s a stepping stone towards lasting emotional and physical health, and a life imbued with deeper spiritual connection.

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Understanding Sliding Scale Pricing

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By setting prices proportionate to your earnings, we strive to prevent our services from becoming a financial burden while ensuring that they are accessible to anyone who requires them. This practice not only encourages a diverse range of economic backgrounds among our customers but also aligns with our fundamental values of equity and social fairness. Regardless of your contribution level, your support allows us to consistently deliver and enhance our services. We appreciate your understanding and participation in this system.