Your Transformative
Healing Journey

  • Equipped with the right knowledge and support, each individual possesses the innate capacity to navigate their unique path with psilocybin. An integral part of this voyage often encompasses a profound, high-dose experience. Ideally, these explorations should be guided by a seasoned practitioner who is profoundly familiar with the healing properties of psilocybin.
  • Our therapeutic transformation process is meticulously crafted to afford you the pinnacle of healing experiences. We weave together time-honored traditions with contemporary psychology and personal development techniques, ensuring you reap the maximum benefit from your journey. Entrust us with the details; your sole focus should be immersing in the transformative experience without any external concerns.
  • We provide tailored sessions—be they private, in group settings, or part of our immersive retreats—designed to align with your personal objectives and aspirations. Allow us to help you unlock the potential of your psilocybin journey.

Preparation Session

Week 1

Ensure a transformative psychedelic experience through 1:1 coaching, focusing on preparing you mentally, spiritually and physically.

Home Preparation Session

Weeks 1-2

This is where you will implement the practices provided in the preparation session and prepare your mind and body for the experience.


Week 3

Ceremony is a sacred practice. It’s a healing session, a catalyst for change. Everything is taken care of for you, nothing to worry about besides your journey.

Two Integration Sessions

Weeks 4 & 6

Experience two personalized integration sessions, designed to optimize the benefits and insights from your psychedelic journey through 1:1 coaching. 

Microdose Support

Weeks 4-6

Begin with an introductory call providing a comprehensive microdose overview and an individualized journey blueprint. Then two follow-up sessions, and a month’s supply of self-sacrament.